Sex education! From the author of Donne! Get the material things you really want from men

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The most damaging playtime that remains with little girls even into adulthood is what I call the “world of Barbie”. This world is entered when little girls receive and start playing with the hugely popular Barbie Doll (or any of the popular comparison dolls), the Barbie corvette, Barbie’s dream house and the adorable Ken doll. Once girls become women, many of them want to emulate or duplicate the idea of ​​”Barbie’s world” in the real world. For example, once they have great friends, complete their education goals, and find themselves with a great job and a car, the only thing they feel is missing from the puzzle piece of life is their Ken, but the ” World of Barbie “is simply a platform for my next theory, the” fence theory “.

The “fence theory” is when a young girl believed the concept of “Barbie’s world” to the point that she unconsciously incorporated it and incorporated it into her real life. With this theory she believes that she should have a husband, child / children and a home in which to live happily ever after. Conversely, men are taught to behave badly, but not to be in touch with their own feelings. While the girls imagine their prince charming, the boys are usually busy fighting; playing with toy guns and / or video games, sports and other related “male activities”, etc. It is a shame that little girls are tailored to be emotional and boys are not taught to identify with their emotions because they are normally taught to play them down.

How do you effectively communicate with someone who has been taught their entire life not to understand you? How do you convey and expect to be understood by someone who is not normally taught to tap into their emotions? What can be done to bridge the communication gap between girls and boys? Sex education should be considered a science course and should include information on how different genders think and where it comes from. With this new type of revamped sex education, it can help young adults bridge the communication gap by increasing effective communication between women and men through knowledge. As always, it wouldn’t hurt to start the process at home.

* This article is not intended in any way to offend Barbie or her creators, it is used for illustrative purposes only.

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