My anticipated Christmas present from God

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When I was little I remembered waiting for Santa’s presents under our Christmas tree every Christmas Eve and it makes me very happy because he never fails to send me his Christmas present. And I remembered that I was already 12 when my mother told me that Santa is not real and that all the gifts I received during Christmas came from them. I admit that at first I felt really very upset to know that Santa is just an imagination, but on the other hand I say hello to my parents for making my childhood life very amazing and fun. And for me the spirit of Santa Claus will always live in the heart of every child during the Christmas season.

But now that I’m no longer a little girl, I no longer expect Santa’s gift on Christmas day, however every time I get gifts on Christmas day, I can’t help but remember the memories of Santa and my years childhood. Just recently I received a wonderful Blessing from God and it made me very, very happy to finally have something that I have prayed for since I became a mother. Praise God! It’s been 14 years since I’ve prayed and wished for this and now I can’t imagine I’m going to start doing it.

Oh! It’s official; I am now a registered full time online worker who only works at home. Thank you Lord for this early Christmas present you gave me. And it really made me feel very happy, blessed and overwhelmed, so I declare that it is one of the best things that have happened to me after giving birth to my beautiful daughter. My dream has finally come true! I will earn money while taking care of my children and spending quality time with them.

I admit that I find it very difficult at first because I don’t have a housekeeper to do the housework and take care of my children. But thank God that I was later able to adequately adapt and manage my time for every task and responsibility destined for my work and family. You may be wondering why I consider this event an early Christmas present.

It is because a few months ago, when I was still working in a large company as a consultant, I continue to pray to God and ask for some sign if he will allow me to resign from work because I am no longer happy with my job and I wanted to take care of my children. But a few months have passed I was disappointed because it seems that God had never heard my prayer but I never lose hope, instead I continue to pray.

As Christmas is fast approaching again, I have decided to wish Santa Claus a wish that will allow me to feel the spirit of Christmas again and continue to pray that God will grant me prayer. And just a few days later, a miracle happened because I received an email from my potential employer telling me that he has hired me as his new virtual consultant assistant. After reading that email, I didn’t notice that tears were already running down my eyes and when I am about to search for my first day of Calendar work. It proves that it’s already September, the month I usually start decorating my home with my beautiful and colorful Christmas decorations and lights.

This made me realize that prayer is very powerful and very grateful for the greatness of God.

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