Is your child’s toy box overflowing with toys? Unplug before I drown!

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Has it been years since you managed to close the lid of your child’s toy box? Do his toys protrude from the edges and create a playroom floor full of mines? So it might be time to unplug, empty the toy box a little, and rotate his toys. Having access to too many toys at once creates a world of confusion and frustration for your little one. Limiting the number of toys your child plays with at any given time will teach him valuable limits, help him make decisions, keep him focused, and ultimately reduce tantrums.

However, if you simply can’t part with your child’s surplus of toys, it’s imperative to rotate them often. Spinning toys are as simple as “pack-n-stack”. Put half of your child’s toys in a few boxes and stack them out of sight of your little one in his garage or closet. Each season, change things up by swapping some of the toys! This is not only convenient, but it makes the baby feel like he just got a bunch of new toys!

Many parents feel that their child will be bored with too few toys. It is actually the exact opposite. If there are dozens of toys scattered around the house, this sends a confusing message to your little one. “With what game?” There will be too much variety, the toys will be thrown around the room and the child will be overwhelmed by playing with each toy for only a short amount of time.

A child needs to develop a sense of choice, limitations and boundaries. This skill is first taught with his toys! If you put two to three toys in front of your child, this allows him the freedom to fully examine each toy and make the decision for himself which one he prefers. By giving him only this small number of toys to choose from, he begins to develop the concept of limits and boundaries. He can still play with his toys, only these three right now.

And yes, it is very important to teach your child how to make their own decisions. He is fully capable, but only by limiting the choices. Imagine taking your hungry four-year-old to a restaurant. You never ask him what he wants because the overwhelming menu will only confuse him! However, you feel that you have taught him to make decisions using his toys, you can give him a simple choice, hamburger or hot dog. He can think about each food and decide which one he would like to eat. The same idea applies to playing with his toys.

Removing some of your child’s toys from his toy box so he can actually close the lid will eventually make him feel better and, of course, make you feel better. After all, this is why you chose such a unique and creative toy box for your child to store his toys in the first place!

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