Would you dress for a silicone sex doll?

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Wearing an original sex doll is not the same as wearing regular clothes. Would you dress a sex doll?
The so-called people rely on clothes, even if people are not so beautiful and handsome, but wearing appropriate clothes will add a little charm, not to mention how to exquisitely plan how to simulate the high-quality silicone dolls around you,
It looks good no matter what you wear, and different styles will show different characters and feelings.
But what kind of clothes do sex dolls wear, and how to wear them elegantly, pay attention to the following issues:
First, coat the body of the sex doll with talcum powder (baby powder) before getting dressed so the skin will be smoother and easier to wear. Second, please don’t wear colored clothes for the doll. Because silica gel is oily, once it is stained, the color cannot be washed off, so it is good to wear white, pale pink or flesh tones. This is very important, sex dolls are most afraid of dyeing. 3. Clothes that are too tight, long-sleeved, and one-piece are not suitable for sex dolls. Fourth, the corners of the clothes are relatively sharp. Maybe decorative clothes shouldn’t be worn. There are also brooches, sharp earrings, etc., with the risk of scratching the doll.

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