Can you wash sex dolls with water?

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Now in the market, the development of the sex doll industry is getting better and better, and everyone has gradually accepted the existence of sex dolls. So everyone knows that sex dolls can be washed? Today will tell you in detail whether sex dolls can be washed.
Ordinary sex dolls can be washed all over their bodies. After washing, wipe off water stains and apply talcum powder to maintain the effect. The coating is a silicone coating, which is not easy to fade and can be cleaned with confidence. Gentle cleaning of coated parts is recommended.
The body of the intelligent sex doll can only be washed with water, and the head can only be wiped. Due to the built-in power interface of the head, washing with water is prohibited. You can choose to scrub. The power interface must be waterproof. If water gets in, the power cannot be turned on.

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